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Monday, June 06, 2005


Anybody out there?

The blog has gone stale apparently. I guess there isn't much sense in sitting in front of a computer screen when the nice weather has finally arrived, and the term has ended, undergrad studies for some. Anyways, I will be spending the summer in Boston, Cambridge to be exact (5 minute walk to Harvard, pretty sweet area). I was able to scorre a job supervising a bed and breakfast for the summer, I basically don't do anything and get to live there for free, and there is a baby grand piano in my room!!! I'm sure I'll be making a couple trips to Syracuse. Other interesting news: The Trent Family home has been sold! It's pretty sad, no more wild parties. My mom is moving to a townhouse over off Gaskin Rd, and my dad is moving to Baltimore. It is strange times my friends, many of you have graduated and will be moving off to various places, good 'ol Liverpool is really behind us. The next few years shall be very interesting. I hope everyone has a good summer, I'm sure I will see you all at some point, so till then.......


1. Long Island Beaches
2. My roof top in Brooklyn
3. Bonaroo in less than one week!


1. The Atlantic Ocean
2. L-train fucking service
3. The Yankees

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