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Thursday, September 29, 2005


A few thoughts

Lst night I went to see Ted Leo at the Icon. The sound was way better than when I saw Of Montreal there, and I would say it was easily better than when we saw these guys in Cuse. If I remember correctly the vocals were pretty bad at that show, but everything was great this time. Ted Leo rocked as usually, as did the drummer, and the bassist was fairly immobile, but his guitar is pretty heavy so I'm willing to cut him some slack. Ted kept his witty dialogue going in between songs even though the crowd was really interacting all that much. Ted knows how to roll with it, though. At one point someone yelled something inaudible, and Ted goes "let's embrace the heckling," and asked the dude to reiterate. Dude yells "Move around you flat-footed motherfuckers!" similar to the observation Stevy made at the last show when he yelled "move around, this is dance music!" 2 things happened: people who weren't moving remained so, and also Ted thought the comment was directed at him, and didn't quite know what to make of it. So he goes "Why don't you just say what you're really thinking: stop talking a play a fucking song." So they played on -- probably about a 1.5 hr set -- and I danced and Ted dripped sweat and even though I thought my bladder would explode for sure I couldn't leave the floor. It was a good show.

Observation 1:
Kids who listen to indie rock just don't move. Like a meager 5% of indie scenesters are actually cool, and the others are dorks who've found a niche where its ok to be dorky. They probably don't even listen to the music, but saw a review or something. It was cool that some people were dancing and knew the words. More than in Cuse anyway. So it's the old picking of one's poison: if there were no stiff kids going to these shows there would probably be no shows. But come on, Ted Leo is a fucking punk band! Move around!

Tom Cruise should be institutionalized in the same padded room with Mel Gibson.

Who the fuck cares if Kate Moss blows coke?? What model doesn't? Aren't there better things to talk about? Like Tom Cruise and Scientology, for instance?

I've decided to ask John D. to cover Two Headed Boy from the front row of the Mountaingoats show this month. Is that rude? I love his music, but it's a great cover.

The guys at Sportcenter have been using the line "You create something! Like inward singing!" I'm not sure if this is good or bad or funny or not.

6: Cold weather sucks.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Montreal; The New Brooklyn, With Huskier Chests

Well friends, time for another post; and when I mean friends, I more or less mean Whi, but that is besides the point. Even though blogs seem to be universally renowned for documenting banality, I, being the the unique soul that I am, refuse to fit into this mold. But since I haven't willed a dream in quite sometime, I will do a quick update on my personal comings and goings, the proverbial potatoes before the meat one might say. I spend most days, upwards of 50 hours a week, thinly veiling my contempt for my coworkers, managers and customers that I come into daily contact with. Today, for example, I had a spazz attack because a manager would not let me place my cellphone in the carwash office. My previous work day, I had a similar spazz attack because my break was ruined when a fellow employee, who I have nicknamed "Smelly Tony," decided to play Magic: The Gathering in the breakroom while I was eating a sandwich, violating the unspoken rule that anyone who refuses to use deodorant is not allowed within 50 feet of me while I am eating. But this is besides the point; onto my real point that Canada is taking over Indie Rock. Broken Social Scene was the breakout band of 2003; Arcade Fire pulled the same shit in 2004; now friends, I predict Wolf Parade will do the same in 2005. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is good, and prob in my opinion put out the best CD of the year thus far, but Wolf Parade certainly isnt far behind. If there was a band with its indie rock circles aligned, it is probably them; their debut comes out in a few weeks on Sub Pop, their drummer played the skins on "Wake Up" and their biggest fan and producer is Issac Brock of Modest Mouse . Imagine a drunk Arcade Fire or Modest Mouse if they were from Brooklyn and you get the gist of their sound. So get ready to name drop to some hipsters, cause you all are officially in the know...

Mike Y

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Open the Pod Bay Doors, Hal

I know no one is going to be jealous of me, but I'll just say anyway that I saw quite possibly my favorite movie ever for the first time on the big screen. Indeed, a film print of 2001: A Space Odyssey blew my hair back as I sat in the theater by myself (not including the other movie-goers). Yes, that is to say that on a Saturday night at midnight I went to the movies by myself. And what a great choice I made. I hope everyone gets his chance to experience this because the star child gave me goose bumps. I only aspire to some day become less of a dork.

Saturday, September 17, 2005



I think the printing of all che guavara shirts and other paraphenalia should be banned. there's nothing i hate worse than seeing a good thing (man) being turned into a pop icon by dipshits who probably don't even know what the man did or who he was at all. every time i see a stupid white kid with a che shirt on i want to test his che knowledge and punch him in the face x number of times depending on how well he does. he automatically gets one punch for just wearing the shirt.

Let's say, for instance, that i wanted to root for hunter thompson by wearing a shirt with his face on it. i would expect you to hit me very hard in the nose. please, for god sakes, can we privately read our idols in the comforts of our favorite chair, analyze exactly what is being said/done, and then maybe change the world ourselves, or at least throw a piece of witty dialogue into the mix based on an event or piece of writing or whatever? Or maybe i'm way off and should start printing nietzsche shirts and hang em next to my pixies t-shirt because, after all, they're both just media that i take in, enjoy, and regurgetate one way or another. Hey, but at least i've read nietzsche, know how to spell his name, and appreciate him, and have my own oppinions about him. i'll bet half the people who've ever heard of nietzsche still think he's a nazi, which is fine with me - the less likely a chance he becomes a pop icon. My knowledge of the "slave morality" will possibly explain why you wear a shirt with the face of some guy who "liberated some people" (as i heard some kid in an elevator so eloquently put it) but regardless, i'm still going to punch you when i see you.

Friday, September 16, 2005


Take your policy and shove it up your tight ass

I am choosing to use this short blog to try and alleviate the intense anger I am experiencing, if I was Vassallo I would have a huge vein bulging from my forehead ready to explode. Some policies are just fucking stupid, and the people who choose to uphold them, despite your successful argument to logically reduce this policy to sheer luncay, well.... they are fucking, A: unable to logically deduce anything and bound to follow orders all their life (aka, a fucking retard), B: a loathsome motherfucker who obtains satisfaction by exerting his power over others(aka, a fucking prick), or C: the actual person responsible for the existence of the policy who must uphold it in order to not admit what a dumb fuck he is (once again a fucking retard)......... fuck them ......... there ......... I feel slightly better now. I am sure you all can relate a situation that invigorated you with this same ferocious energy that has caught me in its rapture, probably several. These situations seem to be especially prevalent within educational administrations, which is rather ironic when you think about it. Who the fuck is responsible for these "Are you fucking kidding me?" policy decisions. I would like to know, I would like to punch them in the face and eat their children, maybe bite off a portion of their ear, I think they are just about as smart as the person I am alluding to.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Of Montreal at the Icon

OK, good news first. Of Montreal put on a really good show. Their set was short, maybe like an hour and a half including their 4 song encore. They got the fairly small crowd (maybe like 250 people filling like 3/4 of the venue) moving around and dancing to the happy tunes. Wait, indie rockers rocking out? Way. I was a little surprised, but it's cool and hopefully most of the shows are like this one. The venue itself is small and personal, making it a good place to get up close to your favorite band, which band their seems to be a reasonable chance to see because this place has some good shows booked. It should also be noted that most shows are 10 or 12 bucks which is awesome, and you don't even have to get advance sale tickets. The money saved on tickets can be put to good use on a fistful of $3 Yuinglings, or whatever else you want to buy. They have copious amounts of beer and booze for like 4 or 5 bucks. There's also a large fenced-off area where you can simultaneously smoke and see the stage, which is pretty cool. I'm not sure how that's gonna work in the winter, though. The inside of the place is not at all nice, a typical dive, which is really cool. Fuck putting money into a place...it only raises ticket prices.
The only bad news was the sound, and I'm not sure if the guy on the switchboard was sonically impared, but he had the fucking volume on the two big hanging speakers at like 11 out of 10, which is cool except you know what happens to speakers, in your car for example, when you turn them up too like without A) ampage, or B) ability to use that ampage. It was kinda harsh, but at least you could hear everything, vocals included. Of Montreal is a good test band for this because their sound is so layered and dynamic, and it more or less came out fine. So that's my report on Of Montreal, a great live band, and the Icon, a pretty cool venue. So come up and see a show (Y) and we'll show off our whiteboy dance moves.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


killer shows, man

this message is more or less for mike y, but if any of my other friends or avid showgoers want to rock out with me some time, here are three shows that I will without a doubt be attending:

This Friday, Sept 9th we have Of Montreal. Tix 10 bucks, doors open at 8.

Wed, Sept. 28th we have Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. Tix $10, doors open at 6.
V, Y, and I saw these guys in Cuse and the show was great, except the vocals were a little hard to hear and the batch of indie scenesters surrounding us must have worn their tightest jeans and vintage sweaters, because they were stiff as fuck. Good show tho.

Ghostface has a new album coming out and he'll be here Oct 11th...I'll probably go to this one too. Hopefully I don't get shot because the best is yet to come:

The MountainGoats!!!!!!
My day has finally come. Monday Oct 18th, tickets $10 doors at 9pm. Come listen to dance music. I'm pumped.

These shows are all at the same venue btw, Buffalo Icon, downtown near where I live. I haven't been there yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Peas out

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


a very neat pile of playboys

has anyone talked to Parker recently? I've been wondering if Uncle Robert and any other family down there has been affected in major ways by the you-know-what.

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