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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


"I thought he was a bitter man"

I discussed with Trent the other night about how I like to look up and down a subway train and assess the overall dynamic the people present are creating as well as try to figure out what each individual is thinking about. I decided that it as good as anything to Blog about so you may see multiple posts related to the observations I make over the course of time.

I'll start with the experience I had a few nights ago: "The subway car full of people with giant noses"

7:26 P.M. - 34th street stop - Q train

I look up from my Time Magazine article about Barack Obama and I do a quick rundown of the passengers. "Damn" I say to myself. Everyone on this train has a gigantic nose. Not a large-but-fits-the-big-head nose, but actual gargantuan noses that protrude far into the world as if they own the air they inhale. One, two, three, four [headed to 14th st. - Union Square], five, six, oh my god....seven, eight! Eight people with a nose that makes it looks as though they all share the same genetic code of Steve Martin in Roxanne! As I look into each person's eyes, trying all the time to keep my focus from moving towards their honker, I can see that they are not embarrassed by their mighty extremity. Instead, they seem to draw confidence as if they know they've entered a domain where [arrive at 14th st. - Union Square] big ast noses are the majority. All this schnoz pondering causes me to hack at a large, crooked booger in my rather large nostril and I realize at this point that I miscounted "nine....I forgot myself." I go back to reading Time and by the time we get to Canal St., I look up and see that everyone of my brethren have left the train and have been replaced by a gang of small sniffer wannabes.

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