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Thursday, February 01, 2007


It's Cold and Dark, Here's Some Inspiration

A few weekends ago I had a lot of fun. Vassallo and Trent were up, Mike Y stopped by, so did various other people from our high school days. It was a fun weekend filled with laughs and wild times and the only thing that felt different to me was that I wasn't stoned. Well, one more thing felt different, and that was during the first couple minutes of our reaquaintance with one another I seemed to feel all the pressure from "real-life" evaporate into the air before we could get down to business as old pals. We all know these pressures: Stevy goes to a job he hates but does pretty well, Trent works for little money in a place where you need big money, Mike Y works like a slave and I dream, occasionally, of what my life has become and where it's going. We all engage in our own little race against the clock, and as hard as this might be at times, we all make it through the dark night and wake up in the morning with a little humor. Because life has no blueprints, we couldn't imagine where we are now, and can't imagine where we're going. Our deal, though, ensures that we'll always be able to get through our days, our weeks, our months....and onto the next occasion where we have carefree times. The reason for this is that we know how to think. We are "well-adjusted." We can look at a situation and see gravity when it's time, and we can look at something maddening and laugh like we're on a cloud. David Foster Wallace gave a commencement speech in 05 that'll knock your socks off - it'll help you through your day. I read it a while back, but found it today in Non-Required Reading, a short fiction compilation edited by Dave Eggers. So I read it on my break and it once again removed me from my body and had me floating about the whole machinery of syracuse like the enlightened one for a while. I urge you all to read:


honestly, if you guys don't leave acomment about this i'm going to assume you didn't reat it and i'm going to be pissed; it's that good
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