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Sunday, February 04, 2007


Music Moves Me

Hey, Mike Y, why don't you do us all a favor and post the new Beirut EP on the blog. We got it at borders - it is officially released Tuesday - and it's sweeter than cherries. Each of the five songs moves me in a way I haven't felt in some time, although admittedly I haven't been performing at my usual rate of music discovery. So hook up up, why don't you?

Actuelly, the best thing about this Ep will be our ability to comment on it. Clap Your Hands was too difficult and here's why: We liked their previous album way to much, while in fact this release isn't all that good. Here's what's up broken down mathematicaly:

From the first 5 tracks -
I am insanely in love with one track.
There are 2.5 tracks which I like in a new Decemberists sort of way, meaning each songs sounds great initially, but upon further review does not appear to be anything which one could listen to over and over (no pun intended) again. Unless, of course, you do not agree with my assesment of the Decemberists new shit.
There are 2.5 tracks which are technically solid, and I liked them within 2 listens and I'll still listen to them today. But, when my Ipod gets reorganized they will no longer exist to me except on a burned cd. There's nothing wrong with this and it's decent music. My point is that this album is not a sufficient follow-up to their first album, so raw and pure.

Finally we arrive at anything past track 5:

Songs range from so-so to horrendous. The odds are almost 1-1 the I delete "Yankee Go Home" from my computer. The reason at least half of this album does not work, the way I see it, it the increased emphasis on productoion value. When CYHSY sent their first album into where ever they sent it to, it was pure heart. Their self-titled work was, to use a cliche, their blood, sweat and tears. They cared about what they were playing and singing about in the way only an album with no store-bought production can. Now, of course, they still want to be the best they can be, but when you have people pulling on your sleave from both sides it becomes occasionally dificult to match such a heart-felt vocal completely with the music. I guess I see music which has evolved to leave some of the core aspects of the artwork as a whole - a privative artwork which we loved so much the first time around - behind in an unreformed state. I hope Clap Your Hands does not become The caveman in the Geico comercial: evelved in theory but left behind in spirit.

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